Udio launches mVisa through Visa Developer Platform


Visa, Micromax and Transerv today announced the launch of mVisa for all Udio mobile app users. They said that this is the first rollout of mVisa through the Visa Developer Platform and will enable 60 million consumers make digital payments through their mobiles.

Anish Williams, Co-founder & CEO, TranServ, said “We believe real growth in digital payments would truly happen by offering best in class payments technology & services to the masses across our country and enabling them to digitise their money. The launch of mVisa on Udio mobile app delivers a world class payment experience to the large customer base of Micromax users.”

The Visa Developer Platform is an open platform that provides developers at merchants, financial institutions, technology companies and start-ups with access to some of Visa’s popular payment services and capabilities to create new digital commerce experiences. Visa Developer enables partners to connect to Visa over web services making it considerably easier and enabling them go to market faster than traditional methods. mVisa is a payment service that allows consumers to use their mobile phones to make cashless purchases, pay bills and send money to friends and family members. Users securely link their Visa debit, credit or prepaid account to the mVisa application and make purchases by scanning an mVisa Quick Response (QR) code at a retailer and initiating a transfer of funds from their account to the retailer’s account.

TR Ramachandran, Group Country Manager, India and South Asia, Visa, said, “The opportunity to accelerate the growth of commerce is fundamentally different today. With the launch of Visa Developer, clients and partners now have access to some of Visa’s most popular payment capabilities. This enables them to create commerce experiences with Visa technology integrated, enabling greater security, scale and convenience.” This launch comes soon after the launch of the Virtual Visa Card linked to the Udio app in partnership with RBL Bank.

Vikas Jain, Co-Founder, Micromax, said , “The integration of mVisa on Udio is a step further towards simplifying mobile payments.. We believe that single platform integration with multiple disparate services will broaden access and the mobile phone comes at the centre stage of this functionality. Micromax consumers will experience a seamless and delightful digital wallet experience.”

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