Innovating technology to its full potential

A leader in the field of digital payment technology, we offer only the most advanced and robust solutions in tandem with the varied aspects of integration, infrastructure, conversion and security. As ‘technology’ can make our lives better, we build our solutions from the ground up ensuring continuous improvements and ease of use for the customers at every step. Our technologically innovative products empower, help people to safely access and carry out secure transactions apart from offering a choice of how they would like to pay or get paid.

Core components – 

  • Enabling merchants create a seamless and native experience for customer payments

  • Payment acceptance on mobile and web using native libraries and SDKs

  • Wallet APIs with better control for easy checkout, refunds, loyalty campaigns & more  

  • Campaign management platform to run targeted campaigns for consumer engagement & acquisition

  •  APIs for hold & release of payments through our escrow services 

  • Manage multi party settlements, create custom payment settlement logic via API integration
  • Corporate expense management tools to manage reimbursements & claims digitally

  • Easy on boarding & integration of solutions, without the requirement of a technical team, at the merchant’s end
  • Built and managed by a team of experienced developers, the platform complies with the standards followed by the global payment platforms.

Choose Udio -it’s fast, it’s secure, it’s convenient.